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Monday, November 3, 2014

116. The No Spend Challenge - October 2014 Highlights

Some highlights from this past month's no spend challenge:

Day 2: Craft time at a church. Lunch provided!

Day 3: Game night & dinner at friends house!

Day 4: Had a good lunch with grandparents at their place.  Enjoyed a meal at night with our church small group!

Day 9: Raided our loose change piggy bank for a $4 treat at Sonic. 

Day 10: Got 6 DVDs and 3 books at the library #lovefreestuff

Day 17: Fun times at the Science & History Museum!

Day 18: Enjoyed a meal at night with our church small group!

Day 22: A tank of gas lasted 24 days with the civic! #wohoo

Day 24: Boo at the Zoo! Free candy and game booths! 

Day 24: Got to hang out with friends, play games, and roast marshmallows over candles.

Day 25: Cleared out the garage. Sold books and got $32 from Half Priced Books. Wohoo!

Day 26: Fall festival at our church! Great company, bounce house, free meal, face painting, canoe rides, and hay rides. Wohoo! 

Day 27: Got 8 DVDs and 8 books at the library. #lovefreestuff

Day 30: Today I drove a new car rental Toyota Camry. For a brief moment I thought about how nice it would be to drive a new car. Then I remembered I love my little paid off Honda Civic. #nocarpayment

Day 31: Went to two trunk or treats. Dinner was provided. Free candy and activities for the kids. Used the candy to give away to our neighborhood kids. 



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