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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

130. Book Review: Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life

I was given the book “Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life” by Ruth Soukup by a friend this year.  The book cover was cute and I thought "Great, another book that tries to tell people some hidden secrets to financial freedom." I honestly thought this would be yet just another good addition to a growing list of personal finance books I recommend.

However, I really believe this book is fantastic! It is one of the better, real, and life-changing books out there. For anyone thinking of reading this book full disclaimer: This is not a Christian book but yet it is full of Scripture references and points to Biblical truth.

Ruth Soukup is very transparent with the life challenges she faces. The book is warm, earnest, honest, and vulnerable. Ruth allows the reader a glimpse into her own struggles with clutter, generosity, contentment and overcoming those struggles.

While many books I have a hard time connecting with the author, Ruth quickly seems to become our new best friend. She is encouraging, real, and understands life’s struggles. 

Ruth provides strategies and encouragement for:
*Living with contentment in a materialistic world.
*Getting more done around the house and in life in less time.
*De-cluttering your life!
*Re-evaluating your spending habits and spending less than you thought you could.
*Cutting the grocery bill significantly.
*Cleaning the house more efficiently.
*Along with a whole lot more!

I was first introduced to Ruth’s blog at the end of last year through a personal finance group on Facebook. I was particularly interested in Ruth’s series on “31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero”. In October of 2012 Ruth went on what is often called a “No Spend Challenge” or a “Pantry Challenge”. 
My family personally took the “No Spend Challenge” in October 2014. I realized these ideas needed to be shared with others. So in December 2014 I created The No Spend Challenge group on Facebook. 

Today, there are over 3500 members and while we primarily use Ruth’s blog for The No Spend Challenge we also do various challenges throughout the year. So far this year there’s been a physical fitness challenge and a minimalist challenge. People are paying off their debts, cutting their expenses, living frugally, funding their emergency funds, and so much more! 

What fantastic personal finance books have you discovered lately? Leave a comment!


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