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Thursday, March 20, 2014

5. The movie "Frozen" - One to watch and own!

Disney's "Frozen". I know this is not really personal finance topic. But I believe writing down a few thoughts on Frozen is worth the while. Hope it makes you think and you enjoy! Some thoughts on Frozen: 

Some would call it a “kids movie.” I would say that it is one of the best movies of all time made by Disney. There are quite a few themes in this movie that are pertinent to kids from all ages from 3 to 103. 

*Everyone is a Fixer-Upper

One theme that strikes me is the idea that everyone is a fixer-upper. We are all a work in progress. Sound familiar or relate to any passage in the Bible? (Phil 1:6) Ironically, the main threat to the heroine’s life comes not just from the “bad guy” but from someone she loves. In fact the true villain isn’t a villain at all but a heroine!


Another theme that is found throughout the movie is that love is not about feelings. The princess who finds her “perfect” match in her prince charming is not allowed to marry after 24 hours of knowing said prince charming. Surprising? Refreshing? More realistic? I think so.

*Family and friend dynamics

A person grows up and doesn’t want to play with us anymore. Or a person faces deep pain and fear so they withdraw from the relationship with another person. Or parents entrap a child in what they feel will be safe but in fact becomes stifling, hurtful, harmful, and counter-productive. Sound familiar?

*Social Rules & Individual Freedom

Yet another theme is the tension between social rules and individual freedom… “Frozen” is what the movie “Brave” was trying to be. The movie shows what happens to individuals who try to flee society to escape its rules. They fall apart, their lives become meaningless, perhaps even apathetic, and they hurt those they love. The cold enters the Elsa’s heart even though she doesn’t realize it. The story shows we do need each other. People need people.

*Rebellion and Rule-Keeping

Then there’s the whole idea or theme of rebellion and rule-keeping. A popular idea in our culture is that there are only two ways to live: 

A. through authenticity, expressed in rebellion against cultural constraints or 

B. through an ordered life, expressed in rule-keeping. 

As Christians we know that we cannot rebel our way into eternal life with God. We also know on the flip side that following rules doesn’t gain us eternal life either.

*The Song: “Let it go”
Ironically, the rest of the story goes directly against the theme of the song “let it go.” When the princess decides to “let it go,” she brings a terrible evil into the world. The consequences from her actions are horrible – a permanent winter for her people as everything is frozen. “No right, no wrong, no rules for me” is the sin that isolates the princess and freezes her kingdom. Which brings up the final theme I’d like to talk about…

*Focus: Self-Sacrifice not self-discovery or self-restraint

Christianity teaches explicitly what Frozen only hints at: salvation comes not through self-discovery or self-restraint, but through self-sacrifice. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ… Don’t want to give too much of the movie away but the “hero” in the story turns out to be something that Disney hasn’t quite ever told the story about before… The end may in fact surprise you! 

If you haven’t watched this movie I highly recommend it! And you still have a few days left as it is still in theaters. If not rent or buy the DVD. It came out this week and is available on Bluray half off at Target for $19.99 or Amazon for $19.95! Or you can get the Dvd at Wal-Mart for $14.95. We ordered ours last night! 

What do you think of this movie? Have you seen it? Do you like it? Do you plan on owning it? Leave a comment!