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Thursday, October 2, 2014

102. Frugal Wedding Tips

Here’s some ideas to for a saving some money on a Wedding: 

1. Season: Cheaper in the off-season.
 The summers are high season particularly from April through August. We got married in January for example.

2. Time of Day: morning or afternoon weddings tend to be less expensive… We got married in the afternoon.

3. Location:
Outdoors is a good option and can be really fun. Or try to have the wedding at the same location as the reception. 

4. Wedding Dress: Consignment or vintage shops for buying pre-owned dresses is a good idea. We bought pre-owned.

5. Flowers: Consider doing your own flowers, arranging them yourself, and using ones that are in season. Or a good alternative is candles as decorations.  

6. Wedding Cake: Lot’s of good options here. See if someone is willing to make the groom’s cake and another person the bride’s cake. Or consider just having one cake instead. 

7. Wedding Favors:
Homemade wedding favors can be made by the family, friends, or even the happy couple. A good idea is to do this for a bridal shower or a girls “night out”. 

8. Wedding Invitations: You can make your own or get them in bulk for a discount. 

9. Keep the guest list small. It typically costs $50-80 per guest (invitations, food, drinks, cake, favors, etc.) so try to keep the number small if at all possible. 

10. Skip the alcohol. This is probably one of the biggest costs of weddings. We didn’t serve alcohol. 

11. Save on music.
Instead of a band consider a DJ. And see if the DJ will do the music as a gift! Or consider a playlist and a stereo. 

12. Keep the wedding party small. Ushers, greeters, etc. are a good alternative to a bunch of bridesmaids and groomsman.

13. Get your family and friends involved. It’s great when your friends have special talents and skills… Do you know a florist, seamstress, baker, etc.? A lot of people helped out with our wedding. Consider encouraging people to help with the wedding as their wedding gift – set up, tear down, serving food, etc. 

14. Do your own hair, makeup, nails, etc. Or have someone do them for you as opposed to beauty spa treatments. A friend offered to do the bride’s makeup, etc. 

15. Get a friend to take photos & video. If you have a friend who can do it this can save a lot of money. 

16. Don't forget frugal wedding planning. Having a wedding checklist so you can keep track of the hundreds of things that need to be done to make a wedding go smoothly.  This website is a good resource: 

17. As much as possible stay simple!

Hope this helps! :)


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