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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

103. Mix Up Christmas Traditions

It’s that time of the year again. Perhaps a Mix Up is in order - evaluating old traditions and even starting new traditions. What traditions would you like to start this year for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas? Just brain storming here are some I came up with:

1. Drive around the neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights.
2. Teach and sing some basic Christmas carols with kids.
3. Make cookies or brownies for neighbors (optional: have extended family over to help make cookies).
4. Read Christmas stories each night (or on the weekends) in December.
5. Use an Advent Calendar to count down to Christmas.
6. Make an “I’m thankful list” or put a bunch of things we’re thankful for in a jar. (Christmas and/or Thanksgiving too)
7. Set aside a night each week for a Christmas movie.
8. Write a letter to God thanking Him for Jesus, life, etc. with kids as a family. Also remembering major events of the year?
9. Family camp out near the Christmas tree one night, keep the tree lights on, turn off the other lights, and read Christmas stories together.
10. Give a Christmas tree and/or presents to a family in need.
11. Make a playlist on YouTube of Christmas music we can listen to throughout the holidays.
12. Give a gag gift to a family member. Each year pass it on to another unsuspecting family member ;-)
13. Go for breakfast at IHOP (or another place) for Christmas morning after reading Christmas story and gifts.
14. Open 1 gift on Christmas Eve.
15. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food bank helping families in need.
16. Start a canned food or clothing drive to help those in need.
17. Spend some time with senior citizens or at a retirement home over the holidays. Particularly those whose family’s live far away.

What family traditions do you have in your house? Anything you’d like to change or add this year? Leave a comment!


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