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Sunday, August 24, 2014

73. Teach kids about money - Board Games!

One way to teach kids about managing money is through board games.

Payday, Cashflow for kids, the Allowance Game might be fun for you and your kids to play.

AllowanceGame (Ages 5+)

Wash the car to earn $1.30...but forget your homework and lose a turn! In our involving, skill-building game, players race around the game board doing chores to earn their allowance...then save it or spend it on things they want. And, as children play, they learn to make change, handle money and more! The game board measures a big 18". For 2-4 players.
•Our fast-paced game is perfect for learning how to handle money, make change & more
•Fun-filled activity turns learning into a game
•Perfect for teaching kids to identify money values, add & subtract money and more
•For ages 5-11 years

Payday (Ages 8+)

The classic game of making and spending money! You'll make money every month, but you might spend it just as fast.
•Game board, 4 mover tokens, 1 red die
•64 deal & mail cards, savings & loan pad, money, rules
•Fundamentals of budgeting
•Fosters an entrepreneurial spirit

Act Your Wage by Dave Ramsey (Ages 8+)

•2-4 players
•This game is a great tool for kids and a good conversation starter for adults. Players Spend, Save, and Give through income and expenses of everyday living. Try to avoid the “Stupid Tax!”
In Act Your Wage each player has to:
• Earn and keep a $1,000 emergency fund
• Use the envelope budgeting system
- Pay off debt using the debt snowball
- Be the first one to get out of debt and yell, "I'm Debt FREE!"

Here's a description of regular Cash Flow 101 (Cash Flow for Kids ages 10+, the adult version is 14+):

The Board Game USA Today Calls \"Monopoly on Steroids\" has been updated in 2012 with improved colors and graphics and better instructions so that your learning experience can be the best possible. It's Time to Get Out of the Rat Race. What's your dream? Freedom of time? Unlimited resources to travel the world?

Whatever it may be, CASHFLOW 101 teaches you how to get out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track, how to make your money work for you – not the other way around. CASHFLOW 101 is an educational board game that simulates real life financial strategies and situations. As a simulation, you learn valuable lessons and gain priceless insights into personal finance and investing without having to put your actual money at risk.

Developed by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the #1 personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad, CASHFLOW 101 is the ultimate realization of Robert's vision of an interactive tool for financial education, and the fulfillment of his belief that we learn best by doing. CASHFLOW 101 is an educational board game that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time - and makes learning fun!

Acquire is also fun as well. You buy, sell, trade shares in companies. (Ages 12+)

•The Right Price at the Right Time -- at the Right Price!
•As a powerful real estate tycoon, there are only seven hotel chains in the world worthy of your attention. Using nothing but your wealth and wits, you must vie against other business magnates to manipulate construction and capitalize on mergers -- buying, trading, and selling stocks in order to get the greatest return on your investments.

•Acquire challenges you to pit your resources snf resolve against other players in this high-finance game of speculation and strategy!

What do you think? What games have you used to teach finances to your kids or learn with your friends and family? 


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