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Friday, April 11, 2014

30. Review of the game “Act Your Wage”

This game is pretty easy to play. We bought this game a few years back in 2011. This game reminds me in some ways of Monopoly, Life, and Payday - all rolled into one. But instead of accumulating the most money it's all about becoming debt free! It’s a great tool for kids and a good conversation starter for adults. Players Spend, Save, and Give through income and expenses of everyday living. Try to avoid the “Stupid Tax!”

Great tool for teaching kids (and people in general) the pain of debt, the value of an income, using the basic envelope system for expenses, and the thrill of being debt free. It is also a really good tool to explain such concepts as an emergency fund, income, loans, debt, taxes, the envelope system, etc. The game also helps people understand the concept of the envelope system. 

Note on the rules #1: Remember to pay rent every time you pass the "rent" tile. In other words you pay rent twice every time you go around the board. We at first were only paying rent once around the board and it made the game way too easy.

Note on the rules #2: The money from the “Save” card comes from the bank. Not very realistic but does make the game go faster 

The money denominations ($100, $500, and $1000) are on the thin side. For adults the game does lack some strategy and is more luck based than anything. After all at random you choose your career and the debt that you already have accumulated that needs to be paid to win the game. Still, one I would recommend particularly if you have kids or teenagers. 

You can get it at Amazon or on Dave Ramsey's site

Have you played “Act Your Wage”? What did you think of it? Leave a comment!


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