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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

15. Tips to Save Money - Part 3

Here’s some personal experience on great ways to save an extra buck. I'd love to hear your tips! I have a list of about 40+ tips to save money. This is part 3 tips 8-11. I hope you enjoy! 

8) Save Energy

8a) Turn off the lights when you leave your home! Dont leave lights on throughout the night unnecessarily. Replace your standard light bulbs with HE (high efficiency) bulbs. Turn down your thermostat when your away from home. Only run your dishwasher when it is full.

9) Get RID of your Cable/Satellite Bill

9a) Yes, you pay too much for TV. I have friends and family that pay $140 a month for HDTV services. Try switching and getting promo's from your current providers competitors. Try getting rid of cable or satellite for at least for a couple of months to see how much you can save. If there is some final or championship game that is vital to watch try free HDTV with an antenna, a local sports bar, or watch it at a friends/family's place.

10) Be Smart With Your Movie Rentals

10a) (yes, the rates went up to $8 a month for 1 movie and $8 a month for streaming but this is still the best deal out there.) and we watch movies on occasion. Amazon Prime is also another option.

10b) If the need arises we can always get a movie at your local Redbox or DVD movie rentals are about $1.00 or $1.20 so a night. It is only $1.50 for Bluray DVDs. Also, come to find out if you sign up for the Redbox texts you get a free rental every week or two sent to your phone! We get to watch a movie for free at least 1-2 times per month!

10c) is also a great option. Or if you sign up for Amazon Prime they also offer free streaming content.

10d) The local library has movie rentals for free! In our area you can check out 10 movies a week. Or your local church library might have a good family selection as well.

11) Shop Right After the Holidays

11a) Yes Black Friday is fantastic. If you can get up early enough that is and stand the lines. Ive done it for the last 6 or 7 years. However, often the same deals are available online or are still on sale after the big day. Great time for good deals on appliances and electronics! Also keep in mind there are some great sales after Christmas. Save up your money throughout the year and buy on Holidays or the day after.

Which tip did you like best? What tips have worked for you? See the full list of tips to save money for the other tips and parts! Leave a comment! 


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