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Sunday, April 6, 2014

23. Technologies That Will NOT Become Obsolete In The Near Future

So I did a couple posts on technologies that were going to become obsolete in the near future and figured I’d look at the other side of the coin as well. What technologies will not become obsolete in the near future say in the next 10-20 years?

Here’s some thoughts.

A. Movie Theaters - I don’t think that 3D HDTV and home entertainment will replace movie theaters anytime soon. People enjoy watching the big screen, the surround sound, eating the popcorn, etc. 

B. The Computer Mouse - I don’t think the mouse will go away simply for the reason that gamers will not give it up.

C. Phone Numbers - There’s a line of thinking by some that people don’t dial their contact numbers anymore but instead click on someone’s name in a contact menu. Some say that in the future people will be asking for a user ID rather than a phone number. I don’t see this happening.

D. Computers – Laptops, hand held devices, and smartphones will replace the desktop. Computers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon though. 

E. Personal Printers – I don’t think printers are going away. People enjoy printing things at home and community printing where personal information may be stolen is just too much of a risk. This technology may evolve but it will still be around for years to come as an integral part of society this century. 

F. DVD’s – I put this one this list just because while I think DVD players may end up dying out DVD’s will hang on for years to come. DVD’s are the industry standard and are dirt cheap ranging between $5 to $15 for even new releases. Some people have hundreds and thousands of DVD’s in their collection. 

Do you agree with the above list? What pieces of everyday technology do you feel will NOT become obsolete in the near future – or at least during your lifetime? Leave a comment!


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