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Saturday, April 19, 2014

41. What would you like to do in your lifetime? - Bucket List

What would you like to do in your lifetime? A bucket list is a "to do list" people make on things they'd like to accomplish before they pass away in their lifetime… Here's some of mine. Have you ever made a such list? Start making one today! 

I. Learn/Read/Watch
1. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
2. Learn to Dance Salsa, Ballroom, Swing
3. Learn to play golf
4. See all the top 100 Grossing Films
5. For 2 weeks go to bed at 9pm and read books
6. Read 10 classic books that I’ve never read before

II. Spiritual & Charity
7. Be used by God to lead someone to Jesus in my 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's or however long God allowed me to live.
8. Go on 3 short-term mission trips
9. Drop by the local hospital and talk to people in the ICU for 3 hours.
10. Visit a nursing home and adopt an elder who rarely has visitors.
11. Give a significant gift to someone in ministry each year.
12. Read the Bible all the way through in 5 different translations. (ESV, NKJV, NASB, NLT, NIV)
13. Volunteer at a homeless shelter           
14. Make a big donation to a charity

III. Career/Financial
15. Graduate High School
16. Graduate College
17. Get a Post-Graduate (MBA) degree
18. Get out of Debt
19. Start Maxing out 401k contribution every year
20. Make a will and update it every January 21. Leave an inheritance for my children.

IV. Activities
22. Attend St Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland
23. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy
24. Swim in the Dead Sea
25. Go on a Road Trip across the U.S.
26. Go on a Cruise
27. Ride a Segway
28. Bury a time capsule
29. Do a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) once a  week for 2 months

V. Buy/Sell
30. Buy a Macbook Pro
31. Buy a HDTV 
32. Buy a House
33. Sell a House for a profit
34. Buy a vehicle and pay cash
35. Buy a second house as a rental property

VI. Travel
36. Visit and walk on the Great Wall of China
37. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
38. Visit the Stonehenge
39. Visit the Grand Canyon
40. Visit the Taj Mahal
41. Visit Niagra Falls
42. Visit the Eifel Tower
43. Visit Machu Pichu
44. Visit the Colosseum 
45. Visit Europe
46. Visit Italy
47. Visit Germany
48. Visit France
49. Visit Greece
50. Visit Australia
51. Visit Switzerland
52. Visit Scotland
53. Visit Ireland
54. Visit England
55. Visit Israel
56. Visit Egypt
57. Visit Japan
58. Visit China
59. Go to Paris
60. Go to Athens
61. Go to Rome
62. Go to Jerusalem
63. Go to Tokyo
64. Go to Pompeii
65. Go to New York City
66. Go to Washington D.C.
VII. Food
67. Make Ice Cream
68. Eat at a 5-Star Restaurant
69. Have a  progressive dining experience
70. Leave a 100% tip for a waiter
71. Leave a 1000% tip for a waiter

VIII. Relationships/Friends
72. Fall in Love
73. Get Engaged
74. Get Married
75. Have Children
76. Have Grandchildren
77. Find someone from my past and apologize
78. Learn something new about my wife each week
79. See my kids get their driver's license when they are in high school
80. See my kids graduate college
81. See my kids start their own careers
82. See my kids marry and start their own family's

IX. Personal
83. Help save a life
84. Get a massage once a month for 6 months
85. Stop saying “yeah” and “like” for 2 weeks
86. Get driver’s license
87. Be a part of a flash mob
88. Visit Every Continent
89. Sleep in a castle
90. Load all my CD’s to iTunes once a year
91. Go without the internet for at least a month

92. Sponsor a Child
93. Do something for someone who can never repay me. 

X. Projects
94. Write a book
95. Publish an article
96. Publish a book
97. Write the story of my life
98. Go to my 20 or 25 year high school reunion
99. Save $1 for every completed item. Donate $2 for each completed Item
100. Start a Blog
101. Make a bucket list
102. Find someone who changed my life and do something special for him/her

XI. Miscellaneous
103. Fly in a Fighter Jet
104. Shake hands with a President
105. Have coffee with a CEO of a Fortune 500 company


I'm sure I'd more along the way. What would you like to do in your lifetime? Have you made a list? Leave a comment!


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