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Monday, April 21, 2014

42. On Steve Jobs

I believe a blog would be incomplete without a post on Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computers with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Jobs was instrumental in the Apple, Lisa, Macintosh, iMac, iBook lines of computers at Apple. He was ousted from Apple in 1985 and founded NeXT the same year. 

Jobs returned as CEO in 1997… And revolutionized a generation. He was instrumental in developing the iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. He also introduced Apple TV, iTunes, and Apple retail stores.  

Of note Jobs and Gates had a dispute over Apple’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) and Microsoft’s Windows 1.0. Interestingly enough both companies got the idea from Xerox’s ALTO, the first computer ever with a graphical user interface. 

Probably less known is the fact that Steve Jobs bought a little company called The Graphic’s Group (later renamed Pixar) from George Lucas and Lucasfilm in 1986 for $10 million. Jobs was executive producer of the first film by Pixar called Toy Story released in 1995.  Jobs sold Pixar in 2005 to Disney for $7.4 billion in Disney stock, making Jobs the single largest shareholder of Disney at the time with roughly 7% of the company’s stock.

Known for his aggressive, demanding, secretive, and perfectionist management style some have criticized Steve Jobs over the years. In 1993 Jobs made Fortune’s list of America’s Toughest Bosses in regards to his leadership of NeXT. In November 2007 Jobs was named the most powerful person in business by Fortune magazine. He was later named the CEO of the decade by Fortune Magazine in November of 2009.

Known for his long-sleeved black turtlenecks, Levi blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers. Steve Jobs was born to Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah “John” Jandali. Jandali was a Syrian-born and a professor at the University of Wisconsin. Simpson was a student there. Job’s biological parents gave him up for adoption. Steve Jobs was born in 1955 and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Jobs had a daughter with Chrisann Brennan who was born in 1978. After denying paternity for years he finally claimed his daughter Lisa. Jobs married Laurene Powell in 1991. Jobs had three children with Laurene: Reed (1991), Erin (1995), and Eve (1998).

Steve Jobs fought pancreatic cancer beginning in 2003 and passed away October 5, 2011 due to complications with his battle with pancreatic cancer. The iPhone 4s was released the day before he died.

Technology and modern culture was forever changed by the influence of Steve Jobs. 

The end of the 20th and the 21st Century in many ways was shaped by the ideas, innovation, and leadership of Steve Jobs.


What do you think of Steve Jobs the man and his influence in technology over the years? Leave a comment!


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