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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

17. Technology Comparison - 1995 Technology to Today

Recently a student mentioned to me they no longer buy phsycal books for school but only buy eBooks. I wouldn't have thought 20 years ago that I'd have a cell phone that has multiple functions such as GPS, MP3 player (music), internet browser, gives me access to multiple email accounts, a ton of apps for pretty much anything you'd like, etc. 

So maybe the technology will evolve to where math, science, and even programming are done with hand held devices... who knows? 

Let's take computers for instance...


Comparing our first computer in 1995 to today... Consider the following: 

8mb of RAM 1995 
16gb (16000 mb’s) of RAM 2012

*Hard Drive
About 500mb Hard Drive in 1995
About 512gb (512,000 mb’s) Hard Drive in 2012

33 Mhz in 1995
2.0 Ghz (or 2000mhz) in 2012

15” CRT
15” LCD/LED Retina Display HD capable

28.8 in 1995
Obsolete in 2012, Ethernet/Wifi capability is the standard now

I mean my now obsolete iPhone 4s is touchscreen, has 512mb of RAM, 16gb hard drive, has an 8 megapixel camera, plays all my music like an iPod, and can play 1080p HD quality videos.

It will be interesting to compare technology such as laptops, hand held devices, smartphones, or whatever else is available 10-20 years from now. 

What do you think has changed significantly over the years? What do you think will change over the next 10-20 years as far as technology you use on an every day basis?


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