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Saturday, April 5, 2014

22. Technologies That Will Become Obsolete In The Near Future – Part 2

What are technologies will become obsolete in the near future say in the next 10-20 years? Here’s some thoughts. This part 2 of a 2 part post.

I. Book Stores -
 With digital purchases and the availability of hand held devices I believe there will be a significant reduction in the purchases of books. Barnes and Nobles has closed many stores and I believe will continue to do so.

J. Checks - I think checks will be a thing of the past. Perhaps this will be a service only Banks and Credit Unions will offer such as cashier checks. Currently, we only write one or two checks a month. Some people don’t like paying a convenience fee on some purchases. Personally, I don’t like dealing with the headache of writing a check. I think many people are in the same boat.

K. Wrist Watches - With the availability of smart phones and computers wrist watches have become obsolete. There probably still is a niche market for some watches such as smart watches. However, I believe wrist watches have become more of a style accessory than a necessity. I haven’t owned a wrist watch in over a decade. 

L. Stand Alone GPS Car Units -  In the past 6 or 7 years over 1.4 billion iPhone and Android smartphones have been sold around the world. Since smartphones started offering GPS capabilities in 2008 sales of stand-alone GPS units for automobiles have decreased on average over 15% per year.

M. Dial-up Internet – About 3 percent of Americans, or 9 million people, still use dial-up internet. As fiber optic cables replace copper cables companies will try to upgrade their customers to better technology.

N. Car Keys – There is an interesting phenomena of a serious reduction in physical car keys and the introduction of smart keys by manufacturers in the last few years. Consumers haven’t had a lot of complaints to my knowledge. I personally have rented several cars and have enjoyed the features such as keyless entry, push to start, remote start, etc. 

Do you agree with the above list? What pieces of everyday technology do you feel will become obsolete in the near future – or at least during your lifetime? Leave a comment!


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