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Sunday, September 14, 2014

88. How much could you save by taking your lunch to work?

This is an interesting question to ponder. Eating out in the U.S.A. can get expensive. Using this lunch savings calculator you can see the savings are significant when comparing the cost of bagged lunches to eating out. 

Let's take an example and assume for a moment a bagged lunch costs $3.00 while eating out costs $10 per meal. Instead of eating out you eat 20 bagged lunches per month prepared at home and you expect a 5% rate return on saving the $7 saved through investments. That would be $140.00 saved a month. Theoretically, you could save $21,699 in ten years of bagging and taking your lunch to work. 

Increase that to an expected rate of return of 10% and you could save $28,204 in 10 years. 

This doesn't account for inflation and other factors but I believe it is still useful.

Questions to consider:
Do you eat out when at work? If so, how often do you eat?
Or do you take your lunch to work?
Have you considered the cost before reading this post?
What could you do with an extra $140 a month from our example above?