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Thursday, September 25, 2014

96. What do you think of a NO SPENDING month?

What do you think of a NO SPENDING month? Have you done it? Did you stick to it? What were the rules you used? Any tips?

Considering doing it in October... Seems like a good way to reset our spending patterns, save some money, pay off some debt, and/or kick-start our budget.

As I understand it the rules are pretty simple: no spending on anything outside of our absolute necessities, and eat from our food pantry/freezer as much as possible. No shopping at stores. No shopping online. The main goal is to stop spending. You set a budget of say $200-300 and that covers everything - gas, essential groceries (milk, eggs), etc. Then focus on other things the rest of the month. 

It's a great time to spend more time as a family too. Playing board games or just enjoying each others company at home. 

I've heard it is amazing how much one's perspective can change after a month of seeing what you can go without!


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