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Sunday, September 7, 2014

83. Tips to Save Money - Part 9

Here’s some personal experience on great ways to save an extra buck. I'd love to hear your tips! I have a list of about 60+ tips to save money. This is part 9 tips 34-36. I hope you enjoy!

34. Don’t Smoke or Strongly Consider Giving up Smoking

Smoking can cause serious harm to your long-term health including cancer, gum disease, and other serious health challenges. Not to mention the significant cost of cigarettes for example over the life of a person. See thispost for more detailed information on the financial side of smoking

35. Price reductions and Price comparing

When you do buy something always ask for a price reduction, discount, or coupon. And if that doesn't work ask what the cash price is verses using a debit or credit card. The worst they could say is “no” anyway right? Always price compare. has a great app that allows you to scan an item. We saved nearly $100 on our last printer we bought at Target simply by price comparing. 

36. Use The Envelope System

This can especially be helpful when first starting out budgeting. Put cash in envelopes that match your budget categories for the month. Think budget categories like groceries, eating out, entertainment, etc. Then spend from those envelopes. Keep all the receipts in the envelope to track what you spent that month. Sometimes it's easy to lose track of expenses when you swipe a debit card. For example, if you only want to be spending $50 or less on entertainment for the month, you can only spend the $50 you put in that 'entertainment' envelope for seeing movies, concerts, etc. Then when it's gone, it's gone.

Which tip did you like best? What tips have worked for you? 

See the full list of tips to save money for the other tips and parts! Leave a comment! 


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